Trauma Counselling Services

“The guiding principles of trauma recovery are the restoration of safety and empowerment. Recovery does not necessarily mean complete freedom from posttraumatic affects but generally it is the ability to live in the present moment without being overwhelmed by the thoughts and feelings of the past” (

Trauma is much more pervasive in our modern world than we once thought. For a long time, trauma was associated with the diagnosis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and this diagnosis was often reserved for military. Although this association is very important, we are now realizing that the experience of trauma is just as complex, varied, and unique as the complexity and uniqueness of each human being.

Trauma impacts us at every level of our being: mind, body, emotions, and spirit. It also affects our relationships with friends and family, as well as our connection to our wider community. Experiencing trauma does not mean that you’re weak, and recovery is possible. Whether you choose to relive traumatic events or not—my goal is to assist you in restoring a sense of safety and balance in your life. Indeed, this is often the first step in trauma recovery. During our work together, I hope to help you learn and develop relaxation and grounding strategies; support you in cultivating a deeper sense of discernment and trust in yourself and others; and to teach and guide you in the practices of mindfulness. These practices, in turn, may lead to a deeper sense of strength and resiliency. You may even develop what researchers call posttraumatic growth—a belief that we actually grow as individuals through the trauma that we experience. In essence, through both private counselling and group work, I hope to guide you back to a sense of wholeness—both in yourself and in those important relationships in your life.

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