Sweet Birthday without the Stress

Too much refined sugar stresses my system, and quite frankly, turns me into a moody, cranky witch. I know that if I overdo it, I can be short tempered for days. So what’s a girl like me to do on the occasion of her birthday?

Sure it would be easy to just run down to the store and buy a birthday cake and some ice cream and say “who cares, it’s my birthday”.  But I would like for my family and friends to actually want to be with me on my birthday, instead of avoiding me like the plague.  Instead, I head into the kitchen and make up some delicious birthday treats that won’t throw me over the edge.

Enter rich chocolate brownies and smooth vanilla ice cream.

“What?!” you say?  Brownies and ice cream that aren’t full of sugar?  And still taste good?

Yup – I kid you not.  The ice cream is made with real cream, milk and maple syrup.  It is deliciously sweet and creamy.  While it surely is not an everyday food, the fat in the dairy and natural minerals in the maple syrup help keep my blood sugar from going crazy like the store bought box of frozen sweeteners and artificial ingredients would have.

The vanilla frozen deliciousness is a perfect compliment to the rich fudgy chocolate brownies that were made with black beans, avocado, and coconut palm sugar.  Delicious treats that also contain healthy fats, fibre and protein to keep the sugar from turning me from Ms. Jekyl into Ms. Hyde.

I must say, I am delightfully impressed with my birthday treats, and looking forward to sharing some with my amazing family to celebrate this day, my birthday.


~ Pamela