Support Our Sponsors and Volunteers
Free counselling

We are blessed to have caring members in our community who are highly motivated to help their neighbours from across the globe, by opening their hearts and homes to welcome refugees. Marigold Whole Life Centre is offering free counselling in an effort to support and prevent burnout for sponsors, volunteers and workers who are helping to resettle our newcomers to Waterloo Region.

Compassionate people are more susceptible to higher levels of burnout and compassion fatigue, due to their caring nature. Symptoms include high levels of anxiety, decreased attention span, forgetfulness, exhaustion, sleep disturbances, and feelings of overwhelm and anger.

Early intervention when symptoms first appear, can help reduce the risk of compassion fatigue and secondary trauma. The Support Our Sponsors & Volunteers program is designed to help encourage sponsors, volunteers and front line workers to enlist the help of a professional counsellor as soon as symptoms first appear, to avoid more serious emotional and psychological distress.

You are a compassionate person, and you have reached out to help support those in need. Let us support you by offering free counselling services, so that you will continue to have the passion, focus, and energy required to carry out this important work. Book an appointment with Catherine Lauber today.

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