Restore and Renew

Using sound for healing is an ancient practice that has its roots in cultures all over the world. Consider the feeling you get when you hear a favourite piece of music, or how your body starts to sway when you hear certain beats. We experience sound through hearing and through vibration and our bodies respond, moving back into alignment and balance.

Catherine offers sound therapy using intention/prayer, voice, and crystal bowls. An individual therapy session will focus on your goals and specific intention for the session. It is an experience of receiving the sound while relaxing in a comfortable, reclined posture.

Online, group sound therapy sessions focus on one theme for improving mental health. Sessions include a breath meditation, sound reiki, and a crystal singing bowl meditation. Topics covered include stress reduction, burnout, anxiety, anger, grief, depression and more.

Sound therapy does not qualify as a recognized psychotherapeutic technique, and this service is not covered by benefits. However, sound and vibration can increase the effectiveness of psychotherapy and lead to accelerated healing and awakening.

Crystal Bowls

The sound vibrations created by the crystal bowls help restore the body to health and balance. Often called a sound bath, this process helps to clear and cleanse the energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and realigns the body into a state of health.

The healing sounds from crystal singing bowls:
– helps quiet your mind, and evokes a deep state of inner peace,
– promotes relaxation,
• breaks up stuck emotional energy,
• allows your meridians and chakras (energy centres) to flow freely,
– activates the parasympathetic system, reducing stress levels and increasing calm,
– connects you to your intuition and your body’s own healing powers.

Online Sound Therapy
Group session

Sound Therapy
Individual session