Catherine Lauber, MDiv, MA, RP, CCC

Registered Psychotherapist  
Canadian Certified Counsellor
Certified Sound Therapist

The stigma around mental health can be one of the greatest barriers to health and happiness that many people face. The Canadian Mental Health Association (www.ontario.cmha.ca) reports that individuals with mental illness are often faced with multiple, intersecting layers of discrimination which keeps them from reaching out for help.

As a professional in a highly stressful, fast paced job, I found myself trying to use the force of willpower alone, to push through some pretty serious health symptoms. I was tired all the time and I felt cranky, frustrated and overwhelmed. I could not concentrate on what I was doing and I lost my ability to plan and strategize (key components of my profession). Increased levels of anxiety, and then depression, were clear signs that my mental health needed a boost. But I felt ashamed for being weak, and I was afraid that others would judge me and treat me differently if I asked for help.

And in my efforts to find my own way through, I gathered information on the brain system of the human body. Did you know that an unhealthy gut will lead to an unhealthy mind? Neither did I….but I have since discovered that the gut has a brain which sends more signals to the cranial brain than vice versa. Fascinating! I then discovered that I had food sensitivities which, combined with a number of different, and highly stressful life situations, led me to experience depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Once I allowed myself the permission to admit that I was not OK, and to reach out for help, I discovered a holistic approach to regaining my health and my vitality. Counselling therapy was highly effective in treating the anxiety, depression and PTSD, combined with nutrition for a healthy brain, and some reiki to help support the whole system, I worked myself back to being the same happy, healthy woman that I always knew I was.

Professionally, I am now committed to helping others who may be struggling in similar ways. I have combined my previous theological training with advanced training in psychology and psychotherapy in order to provide you with a whole person approach to supporting you in reaching your health and wellness goals.

Denise Lowe

Denise Lowe

Denise Lowe is a retired high school teacher with Honours Bachelor of Physical Education and Bachelor of Education Degrees.

In her 23 years of teaching, Denise worked mainly with teens and in her latter years worked with at-risk youth through an Alternative Education program with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. Denise is an inspirational speaker, educator and the author of “The Fighter Within: Beating Life’s Challenges One Day at a Time”. She is the co-creator and co-presenter of the “You Got This! workshop series on holistic wellness. As well, Denise is co-creator and co-presenter of the “Mind Boost” workshops; a Mental Health program for kids with Type One Diabetes.

In her leisure, Denise enjoys playing and watching sports especially basketball, football and hockey, and she has coached both high school and regional girls basketball teams. She volunteers with Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) in Canada and is currently on the Speakers’ Bureau with JDRF National in the US. She is an advocate for Mental Health, especially in the area of Mental Health and Diabetes. Denise is married to Derryck and is a proud mom to Julia and Lysa.